The Bounty Hunters

The Bounty Hunters

Hi Fans and Readers.

Today I wanted to talk about my Bounty Hunters series.  Many of you have read and loved that series.  So far it has been my best selling series, but for those of you new to me, you may not have checked it out.  I wanted to tell you how I got the idea for this series.  I was finishing up my first series, and wanted to write something with a lot of action in it as my first series really focused on secrets and emotional drama.  My husband is a huge fan of Dog the Bounty Hunter.  He had also dated a woman who was a Bounty Hunter.  I knew I wanted it to be a series, and because I know romance lovers love good looking hunky men, it was my idea to have a family of brothers who had their own business.  As I talked with my husband about the series, he was a great help to springboard my ideas off of.  Plus, he knew an actual bounty hunter so that helped a lot.  My husband picked all the guys names for the series.  He came up with Marino (huge football fan), and he then said we needed to have Italian names, and he picked names of friends he had growing up in Rosedale, New York; so, the brothers became Nikko, Blaze, Gio, and Andreas.

I ended my Secrets & Seduction series with a wedding and had these four brothers attend to introduce my fans to them.  I am so glad I did because my fans loyally followed them into their own series.  Plus, they got to have glimpses of the characters from my first three books in them. In fact, I have three series and all of them are interrelated in some way.

So, my boys.  I miss them.  I am hoping to write small holiday novellas for each of them someday. But for my new readers, Nikko chases his Bounty to Maine where I spent part of my childhood.  Blaze chases his Bounty to Tennessee where I met one of my very first fans, Shannon White. I love that girl. In fact, I was writing that book while we vacationed there, and it has become one of my favorite places to go.  Gio goes to New York to help an ex.  My husband is from the area where I set that book.  And finally, Andreas is right here in Tampa, not too far from where I live, but he also goes to Amsterdam in the book.  I visited that country in 1999.  I like to write about the places I go and give my readers glimpses into those places.  A lot of writers make up fictional towns, but I prefer writing about places I have been.

If you have not read, my Bounty Hunter Series, please do check them out. They are fun, and steamy and action packed.

Bounty Hunters series


MJ Nightingale

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